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embodied astrology for personal & collective evolution

You are the universe experiencing itself. 
You are the micro of the macro. The macro of the micro. 
You are the cosmos, incarnate. 



the invitation

BODYCOSM is a community where we gather together in ritual with the cosmos. 

Where we dance with the myths of the zodiac, the mysteries of the collective unconscious and shadows of psyche. Where we feel into the cosmic tides and energies, and open our bodies to receive what is moving through the universe, through us. 

Where we engage with our dreams, our desires, our wounds, our longings, and bring them to life through our breath, movements, sensation, and dance. 

Where we embody the fullest expression of ourselves: human, spirit, animal, soul. 

Where we discover our archetypal blueprint - our soul story - as it is written in the stars. Where our bodies, somatic intelligence, felt senses and intuition guide us on our journey.

Where we believe in the dream, the mystery and the magic of being alive on earth. 

When we move with the rhythm & cycles of the stars, planets, seasons and each other...we find instead of life happening to us, the universe works with us. We become a part of the dance. 

BODYCOSM is an experience where body meets cosmos and psyche. 

Are you ready to become all that you are? 






BODYCOSM is a circle for anyone who wants to...

  • Learn how to move with the moon phases, zodiac signs, astrological events, and embody a deeper understanding of yourself, your path, and your relationship to the cosmos.

  • Cultivate an empowered connection to your body and rediscover its intelligence through somatic guidance and authentic embodied expression.*

  • Engage with universal archetypes - the unconscious stories and patterns moving through you - as keys for personal, soulful transformation.

  • Enhance your intuition, active imagination, and connection to unseen realms (of spirit, magic, energy, consciousness, whatever you want to call it) through movement.*

  • Express & alchemize emotions with transformative ritual practices such as: meditation, embodied movement, dance, reflective writing and drawing.

  • Connect with a community of heartfelt humans on the journey of collective evolution.

 *These methods come from in-depth facilitator training with Intuitive Body and Dance in deep-body® and movement-inspired transformative embodiment 


We live in a grand mystery, and the stars are a map of the greater human story. History, mythology, karma and destiny of the individual and the collective have been woven into the sky by astrologers, storytellers and stargazers since the beginning of time. Gathering together in reverence & in ritual for the cosmos is an ancient tradition. Astrology and the myths of the zodiac exist in our collective unconscious, and contain timeless wisdom about who we are, and why we are here on this planet.

And, over time, we have been disconnected from this cosmic intelligence.  

In these circles, the body is the portal back to the mystery - to the remembrance that we are a part of something bigger than we could ever imagine. The entire function of the body is to sense what is invisible - what is beyond what we can see. The body, breath, sensations, and feelings are the language of the cosmos - of energy, emotion, spirit, soul - moving through you. And you can enter into conversation with the universe through your body, through your movements, through your dance. 

Let’s feel our way back to who we are and why we are here, together.
The answers are within you. Within all of us.











BODYCOSM meets twice a month on Wednesdays, for an Initiation Circle and the Integration Circle. We also gather four times a year on the equinoxes & solstices. 


In the Initiation Circles, which are aligned with the new moon, we will explore & embody the energies that are present in the upcoming lunar cycle, including retrogrades and other major transits. These circles are two hours, and will include an astrology update, movement, journaling, sharing & discussion. 


In the Integration Circles, which are aligned with the full moon, we will drop back into the energies of the current cycle to experience how they have been moving us, and open ourselves to what else needs to be expressed and released. These circles are just one hour, and will include movement, journaling & sharing.


The Equinox & Solstice ceremonies will be opportunities to reflect on, envision and embody the bigger picture of our journey as it relates to the seasons and the collective.

If you cannot make it to any circle, you will always receive access to the the recording. See the schedule below for the dates of the 2021 gatherings.

*Dates may be subject to slight changes in case of emergency or unforseen scheduling conflict. 

schedule (1).png



This offering will take place via Zoom video conference call. All meeting details will be provided through email upon registration. Because of the intimacy of this container, it is important to have a private, quiet area to move in.


You are encouraged to attend all classes to ensure deep integration of your experience, but if you do need to miss a class, recordings are always shared via email the day after the class. 


BODYCOSM is an immersive journey into the depths of body, mind, emotion, spirit and cosmos. It is not something you can experience once and emerge transformed (though this does happen), especially if you are new to embodiment practices. It takes time, patience, dedication and devotion to experience the full depth and transformative potential of this work. 

To get the most out of these offerings, you MUST be committed to yourself - your expansion, your personal evolution. You must be ready to change the way you move through the world and show up for yourself. You must be ready to expand your perception, how you think about yourself and the world. 


For this reason, you can join this community through a SUBSCRIPTION or MENTORSHIP of 6-months.

The SUBSCRIPTION is for anyone who is looking for consistent embodiment practice and engagement with the cosmos to support them on their path of personal transformation and growth. The SUBSCRIPTION is $37/mo, and includes :

  • Access to two live circles a month (also available as recordings)

  • Access to equinox & solstice ceremonies (4 per year)

  • Journaling/reflection prompts for integration

The MENTORSHIP is for anyone who is looking for everything mentioned in the subscription, as well as continuous one-on-one guidance to support you on your transformative journey. This is limited to FIVE people at a time. The MENTORSHIP is $127/mo and includes:

  • Access to two live circles a month (also available as recordings)

  • Access to equinox & solstice ceremonies (4 per year)

  • Journaling/reflection prompts for integration

  • Monthly 90 minute sessions with Katy at an exclusive rate to:

    • deepen your understanding of astrology​ & your archetypal blueprint

    • transform through personalized one-on-one embodiment sessions

    • be witnessed and receive individual support on your journey

Do you feel the call?

The knowing in your belly,

the opening of your heart,

the sense that this is what you need?

What you've been looking for? 

That is the universe speaking to you
through your body.


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