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morning practice group

Deepen in your craft - whether it's writing, painting, dancing, singing, etc. - alongside other artists like yourself in collaboration, co-creation, and community. 

This container includes: 

- Regularly scheduled co-creative time

- Workshop time to receive feedback on our work

- Embodiment, movement, writing, and other exercises/practices to feed the muses and support creative flow


Pricing is $33 - $44/mo. You pay for one year, and even if you take time off from the group, you will still be supporting a collective of artists like yourself, and the group & a library of recordings will be waiting for you when you come back.

You may also be a Patron of the Muses and not participate, but support the collective by donating $5/mo. 

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Deep dive

the body is a portal to 
creative process & catharsis

"Inside every human being is an ocean of pure, vibrant consciousness.

When you … dive down into that ocean of pure consciousness. You splash into it. [...]

Experiencing pure consciousness enlivens it, expands it. It starts to unfold and grow."

- David Lynch


2 - 3PM EST


find out more by reading the event info below

No upcoming events at the moment

Water is soul. Water is ocean. Water is subconscious. Water is emotion. Water is collective consciousness. Water is flow. Water is dreams. Water is imagination. Water is memory.

And the body is the vessel for this consciousness. 


I call this class a “deep dive” because we will journey, we will jump off the deep end, into the waters of our body - the emotions, internal processes, memories, visions, feelings and sensations - through intuitive movement. We will touch the bottom - or discover whatever image, experience, vision, or muse is waiting for us there. And then we will spend time in our own creative process, expressing what we touched in whatever ways we feel called to express: we can write, draw, sing, paint, dance, design, etc. 


You don’t have to “be an artist” to come (though you already are, inherently, by being human). This can be an entry point into your own artistry. 


And, if you do practice a craft, this can be a way to deepen your creative process through your body. 



This space offers catharsis. No one tries to fix each other, yet - when our emotions are expressed and witnessed as art, with attention and presence, transformation is fated.

This movement modality I practice is the Deep Body Model of movement and transformative embodiment, from the Deep Body Institute in Oakland, CA. This practice is in the tradition of Authentic Movement, which informed what we now know as dance or drama therapy. I am also informed by Gabrielle Roth and the 5Rhythms teachings.


We get dramatic here. We get still here. We discover whatever it is that needs to move through us, and let it move. We play. We grieve. We dance. We explore. We try. We dig. We dive deeply inside of ourselves. We make art.


And we are enlivened by this. We expand. We unfold, and grow. 


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