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M  U  S  E

the muse
lives inside of you

She exists in the swelling urge,

the flicker of vision,

the creative pulse,

the throb of inspiration, 

the spark of the match.

She lives in the earth, 

the sprout breaking through dirt,

the bird erupting into song,

the sky-flash of lightning,

the smell of blossoming jasmine,

the crash of a wave.

She lives in your body,

the energy rising from

root, to belly, to heart,

to throat, to fingertips,

to pen on paper,

to words breaking silence,

to dancing, ecstatic - 

to tears, orgasmic.

She's everywhere, always,

guiding the way

towards a life

of self-expression.

Do you listen when she calls?

Do you allow yourself to be moved?

Can you surrender to the creation

happening through you?

your life
is a work of art

and you are
the muse



Self-expression is a transformative practice. A practice of looking in the mirror. Turning your internal world inside out for others to see and feel with you. Bearing your soul. Following the sensations of expression - the impulses of creation - that move through you, and letting them live. 

This program is for anyone who feels the desire to more deeply know and express yourself, to feel seen and heard. If you do have a particular art you practice, this container will support you in deepening with your craft.

This is a 3-month commitment, including two group calls, and one private mentoring session with me per month. You do not have to make every group call live, but your experience will be enhanced if you do.

You must set up a discovery call with me to join, so we can both see if it is a good fit. 

We begin JUNE 21.

I look forward to meeting the muse in you.

attend OPEN & ALLOW

a transformative, embodied workshop
and preview of MUSE


No upcoming events at the moment
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