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Hi - I’m Katy. Thank you for being here.

We contain multitudes; it is hard to know how to start an introduction when there are so many different versions of myself. What feels most true to say is that I am an artist and a weaver of body, myth, music, dance, poetry, & the stars. 

But for the purposes of this page, I will introduce myself as a transformative embodiment facilitator, who uses the myths and archetypes of astrology and tarot to guide you into deeper understanding of yourself, your path, and your relationship to the cosmos. 


I believe that we live in a magically intelligent universe where you and your life’s journey are an inextricable piece of the greater human story - the mysteries of the collective unconscious. When we tune into the revolutions of the planets and zodiac, and cultivate presence within the body & psyche (through breath, sensations, feeling, emotions, authentic movements, and dance), we not only gain awareness of our unique path in this life, but can experience deep, soulful evolution.

I do not call myself a healer because we are all healers - especially of ourselves. 


I am a teacher & guide, who can show you how to attune to your own intuition, body, emotion, and creativity, and find your own way. I am loving witness of you and your journey. I am in service to your deepest transformation and fullest expression - so that you may become who you are dying to be.

This work is transformative, and can heal wounds from the personal, to the collective. But my methods are not new or original. They are based on the mystical, ancient and spiritual traditions of cultures from all over the world - many of which have been appropriated in Western markets throughout centuries of colonization.

I am of Mexican-American heritage, with no known way of connecting with my indigenous roots, which were violently erased by my own European ancestors. I view all of my offerings as opportunities to decondition ourselves from the trauma of colonization, connect with ancestral wisdom, and honor and respect the lineage of traditions that have brought me home to my own body and spirit. 


May we create a world where humans can live in harmony with themselves,
each other and the planet once again. 


The revolution begins within each one of us.



Katy Avila has taught expressive arts and movement workshops in high schools, yoga studios, medical universities, music festivals and online since 2015. After years of studying music, writing and astrology, she had the visceral sense that something was missing in her creative pursuits - the body. A string of synchronicities led to discovering Intuitive Body & Dance in 2017, training with founder Stefana Serafina, and to becoming certified as a Deep Body® Practitioner through the Embodied Ambassador Facilitator Training in 2020. 


She has since developed four core programs for embodied astrology: MoonBody, We Are Stardust, BODYCOSM and Body Meets Cosmos. In these courses, she guides transformative practices for moving with and embodying the archetypes, elements, planets, and astrological transits of the zodiac. The people in her courses learn how to live in connection with the magic & mystery of the universe, and evolve through the cycles & mythologies of the cosmos, all through the intelligence of their body. 


Katy is currently the primary assistant faculty and project manager for Intuitive Body & Dance, and studies with & assists renowned astrologer Susan Heinz. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, and is also a musician and sings and plays bass in her band, KATZROAR.

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