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the people's movement

a winter solstice circle for embodying the new aquarian era

DEC 21, 2020 | 6 - 8PM pst

an online gathering

The Invitation

Not only is December 21st the Winter Solstice (the longest night of the year, a time of honoring the darkness and celebrating the light that is to come) - but on this day, Jupiter & Saturn will be conjunct in the sign of Aquarius. This rare culmination of astrological events marks the beginning of a new 240 year cycle, and is a clear sign from the universe that we are entering a new age.


This Jupiter & Saturn conjunction in Aquarius ushers in a new era of revolution for humanity. 

Who are we becoming? And how might we create this new world together? 


On the eve of the Winter Solstice, we will feel into these shifting rhythms and turning cycles of the cosmos through our body. By moving with our breath, sensations, emotion, movements, and dance, we will connect with our intuition & subconscious to discover insight about our personal path and our role in the evolution of the collective. 


We live in a grand mystery, and the stars are a map of the greater human story. History, mythology, karma and destiny of the individual and the collective have been woven into the sky by astrologers, storytellers and stargazers since the beginning of time. Astrology and the myths of the zodiac exist in our collective unconscious, and contain timeless wisdom about who we are, and why we are here on this planet. 


And, over time, we have been disconnected from this cosmic intelligence. 


In this circle, the body is the portal back to the mystery - to the remembrance that we are a part of something bigger than we could ever imagine. 


Let’s feel our way back to who we are and why we are here, together.

The answers are within you. Within all of us.

Join us 

This circle is for anyone who wants to...

  • Deepen your relationship to the cosmos and astrological events (such as the Winter Solstice) through transformative practices such as meditation, movement, dance, reflective writing and drawing.

  • Cultivate a deep connection to your body through somatic guidance and authentic embodied expression.*

  • Enhance your intuition and connection to unseen realms (of soul, spirit, energy, imagination, the dreamworld, the collective unconscious, whatever you want to call it) through movement.

  • Rediscover, evolve, become, embody who you are meant to be in this new era.

  • Connect with a community of soulful, expansive, heartfelt humans on one of the most significant evenings of the year.

 *These methods come from in-depth facilitator training with Intuitive Body and Dance in
deep-body® and movement-inspired transformative embodiment 


energy exchange

No upcoming events at the moment

Registration for this circle is based on a sliding scale. The middle price is the actual value of the event; the lowest price is for those with limited funds; the highest price is for those who are able to pay it forward. Please select a ticket price that works for you.


If you would like to join, and none of these options are possible, please send me an email. It is important to me that this offering is accessible to anyone who deeply feels the call to join.

connection & logistics

This offering will take place via Zoom video conference call. All meeting details will be provided through email upon registration. It is important to have a private, quiet area to move in, and please bring a journal or something to write with.

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