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we are stardust

embodied astrology & the elements of the self

A Self-Guided Course
Four 2-hr Classes
Recorded Live Online

Transform at your own pace

The Invitation

It is no secret that astrology is becoming more and more popular. As we watch structures of money, time and power crumble all around us, people are hungry for new ways of making meaning that are beyond the logical and the rational. There is a natural human desire for perspectives that engage with the mystery of this life, and the magic - belief systems that can offer guidance from a soulful, spiritual lens.


However, astrology is often taught & accessed solely through the logical and rational realm of the mind. We receive its wisdom through lecture, meditation, writing, and discussion. While much can be accomplished through this approach, it can be a challenge to comprehend the vast amount of information in this field, let alone apply it to our lives in practical ways.


We are not just floating thoughts, tethered to a human form. 


Astrology teaches that there are four realms of the self, represented by four elements - mind (air), body (earth), spirit (fire), emotion (water). Each part is an essential piece of the whole of our existence - and possesses a unique intelligence which can guide us on our path. 


And, we would not be able to experience mind, emotion or spirit without our physical, incarnate bodies. 


In this series, the body is the portal to accessing all the elements of ourselves, and feel what it is like to truly embody our fullest expression in the world as it is written in the stars. We will not just talk and think about astrology, but rather journey deeply within to experience our body, mind, spirit and emotion with transformative embodiment practices.


Whether you are studying traditions of astrology, ayurveda, alchemy, or even modern science & chemistry, one universal fact emerges - our bodies are made of the same elements that compose the glowing cosmos above us. Earth, air, fire, water are both the foundations of life and the cosmic components of the self.


Allow this truth to welcome you into a new way of moving, breathing, thinking, feeling, believing and creating a new reality for yourself and the world: we are stardust.

Join us 

This series is for anyone who wants to...​​

  • Learn the fundamental concepts of astrology and understand your own birth chart through an experiential, practical, and embodied approach.

  • Cultivate an empowered connection to your body and rediscover its intelligence through somatic guidance and authentic embodied expression.*

  • Create mind-body connection and new thought patterns through breath, writing, moving, and conscious communication. Get out of your head, and release attachment to the mind as the only intelligence.

  • Experience deep, soulful awareness of your emotions and how they are held in the body. Move and express what is alive in the unconscious to recognize and release emotional patterns.

  • Feel and know spirit as an energy source living through you in your creativity, sexuality and desire for expansion.

  • Connect with a community of heartfelt humans on the journey towards embodying a deeper understanding of yourself, your path, and your relationship to the cosmos.


 *This methodology is based on the deep-body model® from Intuitive Body and Dance.


Each of the classes will focus on one of the four elements and explore the following concepts and questions through experiential, embodied practices.



Body as earth; earth as body. When was the last time you truly felt your body without objectification or judgment? Your body is so much more than a thing to be looked at. The senses and sensations are ancient intelligence: see, smell, hear, taste and touch your way back to instinct and intuition. The body is a portal to the invisible realms of mind, emotion and spirit; and its movements are the language of your authentic self. Know yourself as body.

Every emotion is a guide. A messenger from the soul. When were you taught to hide them, keep them trapped inside? These feelings, gone unfelt from your past, from your ancestors, create patterns, reactions & behaviors. Do you ever find yourself in an emotional loop, unable to break the cycle? Engage with the psyche through movement, embody the unconscious. Express, release and receive guidance from the depths of your own psyche.

Spirit as inspired action. The invisible impulse in the body that moves you towards a lover, towards making art, finding god. Do you feel the urge, the longing, the desire to create? To make meaning? The pulse, the throb of energy, the sacred archetypes that animate you. The passion for expansion and illumination of truth. Become a channel for the universe to express itself through you. Awaken to the divine in everything. Even yourself.

Mind as matter. How does your mind move your body? How do you move your mind? You are not your thoughts, but your thoughts create your reality. Communication is an art of embodied connection - to yourself and another (we are all mirrors). Breathe into conscious awareness. Every word is a spell. What stories were you told that you keep telling as your own? And how do you rewrite them?




Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes


I am so grateful for this class! I am love!! Wow! I know that now, and I don’t believe I would have let my ego down enough to allow myself to love myself without these journeys. Working through all the beautiful AND hard things that we encounter during the embodiment journeys has pointed me in the direction towards healing.

These classes  have catapulted me into the person I am meant to be, want to be, and have working to be my whole life. I am so grateful for the space to do all of this in.

I would describe the impact as having me feel more aligned, secure, and comfortable in my own body. I feel like I have opened up/unlocked parts of myself internally which have opened up new windows of opportunity in the external world. It's truly indescribable.

- MoonBody Participant

- MoonBody Participant

- MoonBody Participant


Registration for this course is a one-time payment of $55 dollars for 8 hours of content, 8 movement practices, a worksheet for determining your elemental balance, plus journaling & meditation prompts for expansion. Each class is shared as its own post, where you can comment & share your experience with the material. I am always available for deeper connection via email as well - though you are guiding yourself through this course I love the opportunity to witness you on the journey.

If you would like to join, and this price is not an option for you, please send me an email. It is important to me that this offering is accessible to anyone who deeply feels the call to join.

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Once you register for the course, you will receive an email within 24 hours with details about how to access it through this website.

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