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On my journey of becoming a writer, I have always been disheartened by the inaccessibility of writing instruction as both a creative and therapeutic practice. If someone wants to write creatively, not only are fine arts degrees undervalued and overpriced, but community writing classes are upwards of $100 a class. How are we serving the voices that are unheard, underrepresented by putting on this price tag? And, in terms of writing for therapy, catharsis, medicine, why should only someone who has access to psychological services be instructed in how to self-reflect? I believe everyone should be able to discover the power of writing even if they don’t have financial privilege. Self-expression is a human right. This is why prices for my offerings are always on a sliding scale. 

Additionally, I have taught writing in all levels of the education system (from elementary to graduate) and I simply do not agree with what we are taught in school: that there is good writing and there is bad writing. Or that there are ways you should write and ways you should not write. I say just WRITE. Write whatever “nonsense” wants to escape from your pen, use whatever grammar makes sense in your heart, scribble, spit on the page--never be afraid of the form your voice or story might take. It is beautiful and authentic and true no matter what because it is yours. And it deserves to be heard.

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