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transformative writing workshops


We all use our words and voices to communicate every day--some times better than others. We all have stories--stories we tell others, stories we tell ourselves, and stories we don’t dare tell anyone at all. And, we’ve all felt unable to express ourselves, felt unheard and unseen.

My dream is to help people of all backgrounds develop their voice and discover their stories through writing. Whether you are a published author, or someone who considers themselves a terrible writer with nothing important to say, these classes and workshops will serve as a sacred space for creativity, expression, self-reflection, meditation, catharsis, connection, community--
all practices and experiences that contributes to our transformation.

Finding your voice and the stories you desire to express are an essential part of being human. If you have felt called to the page for any reason at all, these workshops will support you on your writing path, and in your metamorphosis.

you will benefit from these workshops if you want to:

understand the relationship between writing and our bodies

know yourself better

feel the creative flow

understand each other and the world better

gain more awareness of your language and thoughts

use writing as a self-reflection tool

play with words and stories

become a better communicator

know more about fiction, nonfiction, and poetry

know writing as meditation

strengthen your relationship with your voice

develop an intuitive and imaginative writing practice

upcoming workshops


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