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about me

I follow in the traditions of the Patti Smith's and Gabrielle Roth's. The musician-poet-dancer-mystic-guide types - the ones who know the body, emotion and expression as pathways to soul. 


I spent most of my life numb and disassociated from my body. Stuck in my mind. Riddled with obsessive thoughts and ruminations. Anxious. Stressed. Unhappy. Depressed. Addicted to my coping mechanisms and unsure how to break the cycles.


And it wasn't until I learned how to understand and express through the language of my body that I was able to get out of my head, and really connect with myself - and life around me - in an authentic and meaningful way. 

I have been a Deep Body® Practitioner since 2019, an educator and guide for over 10+ years, and an artist my entire life. 

I invite you to: 


get out of your head and into your body

through the methods of the Deep Body®


Listen to my psychrock band KATZROAR

Listen to my pop music


I leave you with two quotes from my favorite muses, that inform the philosophy of my work and art in the world.
I hope our paths cross soon.

"An artist wears his work in place of wounds." - Patti Smith

"If you just set people in motion, they'll heal themselves" - Gabrielle Roth

         love, katya       

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